Learn to live with a broken heart

Learn to live with a broken heart

This weekend, everyone in the DFW area was shocked to learn that long time radio DJ Kidd Kraddick had died suddenly of a brain aneurysm. Whether you enjoyed the show or  not you knew who he was and all about his Kidds Kid charity. There are always so many questions when a seemingly healthy person dies so suddenly. Although the cause of death has been confirmed it doesnt take anyway any of the shock.

Listening to his co-workers talk about losing him , on the air this morning, brought me back to unresolved feelings I have from similar situations.  Even at a relatively young age I have lost several people who were very close to me, without warning, without a chance to say goodbye.

Death is hard. It brings us face to face with emotions we’d rather not deal with. There is a feeling of helplessness in mourning, when you realize that nothing will take the pain away. Some people find comfort in religion, believing that the deceased is enjoying some sort of eternal paradise. Sometimes people feel relieved that the suffering has ended. But when there is no evidence death will soon be knocking, it makes the emotional hurricane much more intense.

About 2 years ago, my family experienced a loss that I wasnt sure how we would ever heal from. Although, time has passed, the hole in our hearts is very much still there and the circumstances still very fresh in our minds. Even when the pain still seems as fresh and new as the day it happened , life has continued. Somehow we have picked up the pieces of our shattered reality and fallen back into our day to day existence. I remember someone saying” You learn to live with a broken heart”. Truer words never spoken.

Over time Kidd Kraddicks coworkers and devoted listeners will be done grieving. They will find a way to continue on with their life. Nothing will ever be the same but it will be alright. You just have to learn to live with a broken heart.