Happy Holidays??

Happy Holidays??

Today is Wednesday December 2. That means that Thanksgiving has wrapped up and the Christmas noose is tightening. The decorations are up, the shopping is done, so it’s pretty much smooth sailing from this point, right? WRONG!

The annual Thanksgiving festivities proved to be more than I could handle. Bouncing around from house to house,  making sure that everyone was graced with our presence and no one was left out. I tried my hardest to find a balance and it cost me dearly. Around 10pm on Friday I started trembling, my body’s clear signal that I have overdone it and need to stop. I didnt listen, so Saturday, Sunday and Monday were spent in a pain induced catatonic state. 3 days! It took me 3 full days to recover from the hustle and bustle of Thanksgiving.

With Christmas fast approaching I have to come up with a better solution. I can not sacrifice my body in an attempt to please everyone, again. I can not bounce around from house to house, visiting with the massive extended family that I have. I am in a fragile state, I can not keep up. Everyone in my life knows this. So why do they expect so much when it comes to holidays? *I am not blaming anyone but myself for the hot ass mess that was Thanksgiving. I know my body, I should have listened. Could’a, should’a, would’a….

So with only 22 days left till the Christmas celebration kickoff, I have to formulate a plan to keep me moving, to keep me sane, and most importantly, to keep the pain at a manageable level. Seems simple enough, but its not.  Having to pick and chose who I will see, where I will go and how much time I can allot to each branch of my incredibly large family, is very difficult to figure out. Spending less time on the go means that someone is going to feel left out. Knowing that I cant be everywhere to see everyone, brings on an immense feeling of guilt. Guilt is bad but losing 3 days of my life trying to recover is far worse.

Id love to say that I have a pretty good idea of where we will be and when we will be there, but then I would be lying. I have absolutely no idea where to start. When it comes to my family, there is no “fat to trim”. Not to mention it is absolutely impossible to predict how I will be feeling in 3 weeks. That changes hourly. And even though I feel like I am getting a good head start on the planning, I know that when it comes down to crunch time, I will be faced with the guilt of not seeing somebody and forced to choose between pleasing those around me and keeping my activity level at a pace my body can handle. I am trying to look out for my best interest, self preservation if you will, unfortunately, not everyone else understands that . It just isnt possible to keep everyone happy AND keep my body chugging along. The next few weeks will be spent trying to find the balance that I was so far away from on Thanksgiving.

As my stress level goes up, and my enjoyment of the season goes down, all I can think is Happy Holidays??