This one is for you!

This one is for you!

I have alway been headstrong and dead set on doing what I want to do. Growing up, this caused my Mother and I to bump heads, often. We never saw things the same way and had very different ideas about what I should be doing and who I should be doing it with.  As my hormones started to kick in our relationship became volatile and I went to live with my Dad.

I was the epitome of rebellious teenager. I didnt have time for school, for rules or structure. I made several bad decisions ( I have some pretty cool stories, though) that led to my Mother and I becoming even more distant. When I was 17 we went a full 6 months without speaking. When I was 18 I got engaged and moved to another town. Mom and I would talk a couple times a week and I would come out to see my family about once a month. When I was 20 I got pregnant with Jack. That was the year that EVERYTHING changed.

The weekend of my 20th birthday was also Mothers Day weekend. It was decided that we would celebrate both on Sunday at Moms house. Saturday my parents took their boat out to Joe Pool Lake. This was THE day that changed our lives forever. I will not be going into specifics on this post about the accident, I want to stay on subject. I was 12 weeks pregnant and as I walked the halls of Parkland Hospital everything became blurry. I fainted.  When I came to I was in a wheelchair sitting across from my Mother. There she was in her neon green bikini, looking more frail than I had ever seen. A sheet was covering her legs but you could see where the blood had soaked through. It was horrifying. It was in that very moment everything became so clear.

Once Mom was stable enough to be moved home, I went with her. She couldnt navigate up and down the stairs so a makeshift bedroom was set up in the front room of her house. We would lay in the bed all day, directly below the a/c vent. I was incredibly sick due to the pregnancy and she was learning to live life with less appendages, we were both miserably hot ! Watching my Mother be in so much pain but still be so happy I was growing her grandchild was one of the most meaningful times of my life. She was determined to walk before Jack was born, the Drs didnt think it would happen, but she was dead set on it. On October 24th my Mother walked into the delivery room with the biggest smile I have ever seen. She was walking and that baby that had given her so much hope would be here soon.

I moved back to Arlington 7 years ago. I talk to my Mother multiple times a day on the phone and for awhile I would visit her every day. As my health has started to decline and I become ever the busy stay at home Mom, I do not get to see her as often. We do have lunch and shopping every Thursday , something I look forward to all week. The relationship we have now is amazing. I cant imagine it being any other way. We still dont see eye to eye on everything but we value each others opinions. There is no more fighting or arguing, we have a mutual respect for each other that is more far reaching than any words. I admire my Mother for her strength and the older I get, I see it in me as well. they say your daughter will grow up to be your best friend and that has definitely proven to be true. I love you dearly Mom and this ones is for you !