Crying over spilled soy sauce

Crying over spilled soy sauce

Yesterday was a pretty fabulous day until 7 am. I got up at 630 , had a cup of coffee and got dressed. While I was pulling my shirt on I heard the kids scream. I walked into the kitchen to find every condiment you could think of out on the tile. Bottles were broken, there was marinades, soy sauce and pickle juice aplenty. I had an 845 Doctors appointment and still had to get Jack to school and Max to Pas house. As I (quickly) attempted a clean up job I slid through the soy sauce. I caught myself before hitting the ground but managed to pull off some pretty impressive moves before I came to an abrupt stop. Ive got to keep my pace so we loaded up and headed out.

I got the kids to school and the little one to Grandpa. I made my way to the office and managed to get there 13 minutes early. THAT is impressive ! While I was waiting I made my 387th attempt at Candy Crush level 201. One day, maybe one day soon, I will beat it. I found my way into the waiting area and signed in. I was there for my 1 week post op appointment. I didnt bother sitting down, I had the first appointment of the morning and didnt want to embarass myself when I had to get up.  5 minutes. 10 minutes. 15 minutes. 20 minutes. Its close to 930.

As she approached me, the nurse could see I was not impressed. I have been coming to this office for more than 2 years and only once have I been made to wait that long. Oh well. I was trying my damndest to keep my composure. I was there to address some serious business with my pain management physician.

I waited another 10 minutes before the Dr came in. As he took the 5 steps towards his chair I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes.” Good Morning Jessika, how are you feeling?” Before I could manage to get a word out the first tear fell. Damn it! How exactly am I supposed to have a serious conversation when I am a balling blubbery mess ?!?! It was obvious based on my smeared mascara the answer was not well.

What he had to tell me wasnt going to change my mood at all. The renegade vertebrae that is “lodged” in its current position , is in fact, not lodged at all. Its on the move and has made significant progress since my last MRI 6 weeks ago. There are no questions, not options, I HAVE to have my spine fused and it has to be done soon.

Ugh. The surgeon in charge of my fusion is also the surgeon that implants the electronic stimulator. That is also on my urgent to do list. They cant be done together, at the same time. Its not possible for them to cut me only once. I have to be sliced and diced at LEAST 2 more times.The rest of the appointment was typical Dr stuff, blah blah blah, take this pill @ 8 hours, take this one @4…… Someone will be in touch.

Back to Grandpas house I went to fetch Max. Maxwell must have sensed my dejection and decided it was best to scream the whole way home. I made it back to the house by noon although it seemed as if it should have been closer to 10 pm.

My head continued to spin all day, into the night. It is still spinning. I am not really sure what to make of all this. I have gone back and forth covering the positives and negatives. There are plenty of both. I have started to think about who will do what while Im down for the count on recovery. I have already worked myself into a tizzy and the date hasnt even been set. Looking back over the course of yesterday I can safely say, there is no use in crying over spilled soy sauce.