The Punisher

The Punisher

punisherJackson is my oldest son. He is 8 years old and everything a Mom could want in a little boy. He is smart, funny, intelligent and has a heart of gold.  He is very well behaved and has excellent manners. Recently, he made a bad decision (as we all do) and had to be punished. Unfortunately this was a BIG time lapse in judgement that left his little brother with a bloody nose. After we were able to get Maxwell calmed down and cleaned up I went to go talk to Jack. I asked him why he would so something to deliberately hurt his brother but he didnt have an answer for me.  He looked me in my eyes as I talked to him, I told him how we have to teach by our example, do unto others yadda yadda yadda. He listened to what I said and responded with a simple Yes M’am. Bedtime.

The following morning, before there was an opportunity for any further incidents, I sat next to him on his bed. I reassured him that no matter how mad I was that I still love him, even though I was very disappointed in his actions. I let him know that I do understand how annoying a little brother can be but that under NO circumstance is it ever ok to hurt one another intentionally. It was a hard conversation because I wanted him to know that I was forgiving him but he was still facing punishment. Aye aye aye, I hate THIS part of being a parent. A level of punishment higher than timeout does not come around very often in our home, so when it does, its a pretty big deal.  He started to tear up but I wasnt sure if he was sorry he had hurt his little brother or if he was sad he was losing all of his electronic devices.

His laptop, DSI, Xbox, T.V. and Ipod have all been confiscated. I have temporarily changed his Facebook password so he can not play games there, either. I feel so bad having to take these things away from him but I know (deep down inside of me SOMEWHERE) that is has to be done. These are the things he loves and will miss the most. I have to show him that when he makes bad decisions that there will be swift and stern consequences. It is my job as his Mother to reinforce wrongs and rights. Even though I know these things, it doesnt make doing them any easier.

When situations like this arise (thankfully its not very often), every member of our little family learns a life lesson. And as much as it sucks having to take on the roll of The Punisher I know its going to have a positive impact in the long run.