I dont know how you do it

I dont know how you do it

“I dont know how you do it.” I hear that so often it makes me want to scream. I know, most of the time, when people say it, that its meant to be encouraging. Its a form of praise, wow you are doing something that I couldnt! But it still annoys me to no end.  I stay at home with 2 very rowdy little boys, I have a constant level of pain most people could not imagine and Im always on my hustle. I do do a lot and for the most part, I do it well. I dont need people to point that out. Actually, what I need is for people to start THINKING before SPEAKING !

My children are always fed, bathed and nurtured. They want for nothing. I have a successful eBay store and I source content for 3 other websites. My house is always clean and the laundry is always done. 5 out of 7 nights a week I have a wonderful dinner full of wholesome ingredients prepared for my family. Very rarely do I let the pain stop me.

There are times when I cant do it. When the pain is just too much that I have to stop for a few minutes. I have to take the time to regroup and regather before I can press on. In the end, it all gets done, sometimes it just takes me a little longer than others.

When I hear someone say “I dont know how you do it…” I want to respond in a very blunt , yet honest tone “What option do I have?!?” Its a truthful response. I cant just let my responsibilities go. The laundry does not do itself, the kids arent mature enough to conduct themselves without supervision, the listings have to be updated and shipped. There is no option for me to give up, no matter how much I want to.

I feel confident that everyone already knows that this is not how I envisioned my life.  Living with a type of pain that robs me of any joy that I might experience.  Hurting in a way few people are familiar with. Having to make the decision to suck it up and get things done knowing that at any moment my body can fight back, knocking me out of commission.  No one choses to live their life in constant agony but that is what Ive been given and I am trying to make the most out of it.

Before the chronic pain I am a Mother. I am a wife and I am a hard worker. Those are my chosen titles and those are my priorities. I will get IT done, whatever IT happens to be at the moment. Giving up is not an option and it never will be. I will do everything I need to do even when the pain is at its worst.  So,the next time you want to say “I dont know how you do it” to me – DONT.