Paved the way for a Great Day

Paved the way for a Great Day

This weekend Nick and I attended a very special BBQ. This particular BBQ was thrown by DFW NORML &  UNT NORML and was held at the VA hospital in Dallas. The NORML family fed around 250 Veterans that are currently admitted into the hospital. There were all sorts of delicious foods and $150 was raised to award these Vets in BINGO. I have to admit , when I initially heard about the BBQ I did not want to go. I do not enjoy being out in the heat and my body has been  fighting me lately. I did decide to go and I am so glad I did.

Even though I am technically not a member of NORML I have attended several events, enough to be able to put names with faces. There are some really amazing people that are part of this awesome organization. On this particular day one specific member really made my day. Within minutes of arriving Ed came up to me grabbed my hands and asked how I was feeling. I was a little taken back. Ed is everything Rock’n’Roll and a tad bit intimidating, but here he was holding my hands and sincerely asking me how I was today. I gave him an honest, slightly humorous answer. I try my hardest to infuse any talk of my suffering with as much humor as possible, it makes it less awkward for everyone. Then, in a completely unexpected turn in the conversation, Ed told me that he has been following my blog. This very blog that I am writing on now. Whoa! Ed is the coolest of the cool, Mr. Heavy Metal and he had just divulged that he reads MY blog.

Im not sure why but hearing that made me feel special. I know that there are some people who read my blog but I am always surprised to find out the list of readers reaches beyond my best friends and family members. When I write these posts I remove any filters. I write from my heart and am as honest about my experiences as I can be. I am able to communicate things here in writing that I just dont have the ability to in conversations. I entertained the idea that maybe somewhere, somebody is reading my posts that might be going through something similar. Who knows!

Its hard to say why I was so excited about what Ed said to me, but there is no doubt that I was. I wasnt really looking forward to attending that event and in just a few seconds my whole attitude was changed. I was happy to be there and be a part of something special , with people who genuinely care about each other. Something so simple, something so casual, had a massive impact on me. Ive always heard you should chose your words wisely, you never know what effect they might have. And in this case, those few words really perked me up and paved the way for a great day !

Thanks Ed !